About us
Shanghai Fakong Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. The company integrates production and trade, and is committed to providing wiring solutions for industry and life. The company's headquarters is located in the international metropolis Shanghai. We strive to provide customers with safe electricity solutions, protect wires and cables, and make industry and life better. Equal consultation, mutual benefit and win-win is our business philosophy; quality assurance, first-class service is our consistent pursuit; after years of development, the company's products have been exported overseas, welcomed and praised by customers at home and abroad. At the same time, protecting the ecological environment and caring for the earth are also our own requirements, not to use harmful substances to process products. We will continue to work hard to create, develop, and create the future together with you.
企业宗旨 Corporate Mission Statement
我们的使命 Our mission
营商理念 Business philosophy
企业追求 Business pursuit
科学理线,护线,接线 让工业和生活更美好 Scientific wire management, wire protection, wiring make industry and life better
平等协商 互利共赢
Equal consultation, mutual benefit and win-win
品质保障 优质服务
Quality Assurance, Quality Service
Control the future by developing
Shanghai Fakong Industrial and Trading Co.,Ltd.
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