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Metal hose connector

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发布日期:2023-05-15 10:53:48  

Metal hose joints are a high-quality flexible pipeline in modern industrial pipelines. It mainly consists of corrugated pipes, mesh sleeves, and joints. Its inner tube is a thin-walled stainless steel corrugated pipe with spiral or circular shape, and the outer mesh sleeve of the corrugated pipe is woven by stainless steel wire or steel strip according to certain parameters. The joints or flanges at both ends of the hose are compatible with the joints or flanges of the customer's pipeline. The corrugated pipe of the hose is formed by high-precision plastic processing of extremely thin-walled seamless or welded stainless steel pipes. Due to the elastic characteristics of the corrugated pipe contour, the hose has good flexibility and fatigue resistance, making it easy to absorb various cyclic loads caused by motion deformation, especially in pipeline systems with the ability to compensate for large displacement. Media visualization (media visualization), process automation.

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