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Performance quality of the nylon cable ties

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发布日期:2023-05-08 10:28:54  

The most important evaluation focus of nylon ties is their release force. When a certain amount of force is applied, whether it is a broken band, a reverse tooth, or a cracked head, any breaking method must be above the nominal tensile force. As for some users who feel that the quality of the ties is not good, there are also some parts related to the selected specifications, and they cannot be biased to think that the quality of the ties is poor, because the standard tensile force of a product of a certain specification has a bottom, When the force required for use exceeds the standard greatly, there is no guarantee, and it can only be replaced by products with higher tensile specifications. Of course, the cost will increase, which is also an impossible thing. Of course, high-quality ties have excellent flexibility and ductility in stretching, without a straight fracture section or embrittlement. This can also greatly meet the applicable range of user tension requirements, thereby achieving the possibility of reducing costs.

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